Welcome to Come Fill Your Cup!

Grab a cup of tea, coffee, cocoa, water– whatever. Sit for a moment and take time to fill your spiritual cup. This is a space built just for ladies. It’s a space for you to read other ladies’ thoughts on scripture, love, life, God, our Savior and the Holy Spirit. It’s a place for you to be filled, but also to fill others’ cups. You’re invited to share your comments and thoughts, your ups, your downs, highs, lows, sorrows and triumphs. It is our most sincere hope that you will find encouragement to help you toward fuller service to God.


  • This is a site for you… but it’s also by you. If you’d like to submit an article or a poem, etc. for consideration, send it to comefillyourcup@yahoo.com. These should be of a devotional/ practical nature. The more scripture, the better. Keep it between 400-1000 words. If you have any pictures you want to include, make sure they are copywrite free. Be sure to include a biographical blurb. Realize that editing will be done by the editor (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and scriptural accuracy). Also realize that no promise of publication is made.
  • Those who comment contribute greatly to the site. However, the accuracy and scripturalness of comments or the links posted cannot be guaranteed. The editor reserves the right to delete comments and/or links as necessary (but will exercise this right sparingly).

2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. This a wonderful idea! Thank you for putting this together – as a BV student wife, I’ve been looking for something that would help me slow down for a few minutes in the course of the day. Way to go!

  2. I’m a “first-time” reader on your site. I commend Tami Roberts for her article about training children to worship. There are many young mothers needing this help. Please tell Tami thank you for the article.

    Some of articles I have written are on the ladies’ page for the congregation my husband preaches for, if you would like to check these out. You may borrow any of the articles written by me. There are a few articles and poems by another sister in Christ. I ask you not use her things unless permission is given by her. Thank you. Dena Ivie, Tatum, NM

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