“Somebody Help Me Please!?” CFYC Espresso!

The latest CFYC Espresso! podcast is up…

CFYC Espresso! is an audio caffeine shot for your spirit! Get your thoughts brewing, and your heart pumping for God with your hosts Erynn Sprouse and Kristy Huntsman

This week on the podcast… “Somebody Help Me Please?!”

  • What should we do when we find ourselves fostering anger in our hearts?
  • What should we be wearing to church?

Load the podcast on your MP3 player for a boost on the go. Stream it from your computer for an at-home lift. Listen at work for a much-needed pick-me-up.

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Pertinent Links:

Cindy Colley’s article “Questions and Answers: What About Attire For Worship?”

Wayne Jackson’s article “Understanding Forgiveness”

Anonymous E-mail— send us your questions and situations anonymously.


Missionary of the Month! Kim Bracken is our featured missionary this month.  She and her husband are working in Nicaragua.  Be sure to keep them in your prayers!

Join us! We had a GREAT group in the chat room for this episode! We’ll be recording the next episode on November 4 at 9:00AM Central Time. Join us in the chat room!

Next week is Missionary of the Month

Kristy will be interviewing

Kim Bracken



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