The Fall of a Nation

People scattered from the Tower of Babel
Nations destroyed…Jerusalem, Israel
From their mistakes people learn briefly,
Yet is seems we never learn from our history.

Homosexuals, lying everywhere we turn;
We can’t get away from foul language and porn.
Families destroyed, relationships torn,
Children, abused, wonder why they were born.

If we’re not careful God’s patience He’ll lose,
And He’ll let us hang from our own-strung noose.
When will we learn that life can be great
When we unlock our hearts and open the gate.

Divorce would decline
School shootings would cease
Love would grow
And we would have peace

by Christie Fredman Roberts
Christie and her husband Billy worship with the Lone Grove church of Christ in Lone Grove, OK. She is a high school English teacher and comes from a strong Christian family. She is proud to have three preachers and an elder to call kin. Christie enjoys reading and gardening.

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One response to “The Fall of a Nation

  1. I really enjoyed your poem. Our nation is falling, but I am praying for a return to God’s Word. ☺

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