Overwhelming Motherhood

As a very small girl, my motherly moments had begun,

I dreamed of weddings and babies and household fun.

I was a wife, a mother, and a teacher, too.

As the years flew by, all my dreams came true.

God made my dreams come true!

Oh, my little beautiful baby girls,

Who are much more precious than diamonds and pearls;

You were wonderful bundles in pink and flowers,

And your smiles and tears held such endless power.

Sugar and kisses from my little misses!

What joy to dress you in ruffles and lace,

And to fix-up your hair with the bows I would place.

I gave you purses and dresses and dolls galore,

And I encouraged you to role play and to explore.

I cherish those memories so!

 My prayerful heart was so full of love and joy,

For each of you three sweethearts, and three darlin’ boys.

I prayed that you would grow in God’s Holy way,

And that you would have childhood dreams come true someday.

Each precious baby is my dreams come true!

 As sweet little children, you played and grew,

And as your mother I was blest to see you through;

Each tear, each cry, each laugh and smile,

Are held in my mother’s heart forever and a while.

Thank you for filling my heart!

I love to watch you grow; past and present,

With godliness, loveliness, and precious patience.

Please remember your mistakes are never overwhelming,

When balanced with learning, laughing and loving.

I have learned so much from loving you!

Oh, what joy to see your arms filled with your own precious dream,

And I pray you will always be satisfied with your mothering means.

May your God-given nurturing of life, both old and new,

Build in you the happiness of Motherhood that will overwhelm you.

As it delightfully overwhelmed me, with you!

By Susan Follis
Susan Follis lives in Lamar, Colorado. She and her husband, Jim, have been married almost 34 years. They have six children and four grandchildren. She loves learning about being a godly wife and mother.


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4 responses to “Overwhelming Motherhood

  1. Jennifer Jensen

    This is absolutely beautiful – thank you so much!

  2. Heidi

    What a blessing you have! And what an encouragement for me to remember how blessed I am as well! Thanks, Susan!

  3. June Smith

    Loved the poem Susan and reading about your bundles of joy and how they blessed your life. Beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! I have three daughters and a son. What a nice way to start my day :)

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