When It's Hard

If I submit when it’s easy…
When it makes sense to me,
Doing God’s Will when I think it best,
Then I’m not really obeying…
Not submitting at all
When it’s difficult…there lies the test.

When the culture screams one thing,
The Word whispers another,
When I can’t understand that command;
When I wriggle and wrest
But I know His way’s best,
That’s the time when I’m under His hand.

Faith is not faith when
You see why it works.
When you know why each move you are making.
The steps that will lead me
To heaven with Him
Are the ones I don’t know why I’m taking.

He’s saved all His best
For His children of faith,
But the best is not yet for beholding.
When my eyes are too weak
For the heaven I seek
I just trust in the Hand I am holding.

Originally published July 7, 2010 on Bless Your Heart. Republished with permission of the author.

by Cindy Colley
Cindy is a Christian homemaker, wife, mom and author. The home she “makes” is in Huntsville, AL where she lives with her husband (Glenn Colley), also an author, as well as minister and elder for the West Huntsville church of Christ. Her children, Caleb and Hannah, both collegiate, have published books as well. Cindy has authored five books for Christian women and co-authored several more. She keeps a blog, Bless Your Heart, which discusses many pertinent faith and culture issues.

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One response to “When It's Hard

  1. Susan Follis

    What a wonderful poem! The words are so true. ☺

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