When I Reach That Tomorrow

Pardoned, with sins forgiven,
I’ve caught a glimpse of heaven.
Love lights the way,
As I press onward each day.
No more alone to wander,
Heaven is waiting o’er yonder;
Where I shall go with Jesus to stay.
Trusting the Rock of Ages,
I fear no the storm that rages.
Sweetly I’ll sing—
Praises to my King.
I’ve made preparation;
I am a new creation.
In my heart the Glory-bells ring.
When I reach that tomorrow,
Free from all sorrow.
Jesus I’ll meet and sit at His feet,
Loved ones wait there in glory.
Singing the redemption story,
Anxious, my coming to greet.

by Faith Smalling
Faith and her husband, Terry, serve with the Wagoner church of Christ in Wagoner, OK. Terry has served as the pulpit minister there for seven years. Faith enjoys doing public speaking and writing poetry as well as spending time with their Boston Terrier.

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One response to “When I Reach That Tomorrow

  1. Susan Follis

    What very sweet words about our hope for tomorrow. Thank you!

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