My Prayer

Rescue me from trouble,
When my life is drowned in fear
May Your hand be with me always,
Reminding me You’re here

I ask God, please do humble me,
In all the things I do
For nothing ever matters,
Unless it’s done by You

I need to feel Your comfort,
When my day has just been bad
When all the world forsakes me,
And I feel alone and sad

I love when I can raise my voice,
To your wondrous name in praise
When joy is flowing in my heart,
I thank You for such days

May You live within me always,
Down from Heaven Your love send
So now, my prayer I lift to You,
Perfect Father, my dear Friend.

By Emily Nelson
Emily and her husband KJ are students at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. She is originally from Murfreesboro, TN and is the only Christian in her family.  She has been writing poetry for many years and was first published at age 11.


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6 responses to “My Prayer

  1. Tami Roberts

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I see a tender heart and I’m loving it!!!!!

  2. Carla Wright

    What a beautiful poem! :-D

  3. such a beautiful poem and prayer!

  4. Susan

    What a refreshing and beautiful poem. :o)
    I look forward to more. Poetry is such a beautiful way to express our Christian lives!

  5. Beautiful…Glad to see you using such a great talent for God.

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